The Road to Beervana 2019

The Road to Beervana 2019

Located on the beautiful Kapiti Coast here in New Zealand, The Independence Collective is a small business doing a whole lot of good. The collective was started in 2018 by brother and sister Nathan Martin and Janie Tutton, along with friends Cameron Stichbury and Neville Pugh. Their goal, financial independence and a better life for themselves and others struggling to find paid employment.

From an initial discussion around the frustrations of living off a benefit to a small craft brewery poised to take on the world. This small enterprise is going from strength to strength.

In collaboration with local award-winning brewer George Duncan, the four crafted a unique Pale Ale, ‘Neville’. A delicious blend of New Zealand and American hops with refreshing citrus notes. The perfect beer to relax and enjoy with friends.

The next twelve months for these business owners was a blend of hard work and amazing experiences. From learning the brewing process and gaining the confidence to get out there and sell, to television interviews and reaching their goal of presenting their beer at Beervana 2109. Four individuals on a journey together. Comrades in arms changing the future for both themselves and others.

The four have been selling the ‘Neville” Pale Ale since October 2018. ‘We are pretty much in every bar and cafe in Kapiti’, says Janie. Neville has the sales pitch down pat, ‘When you purchase a bottle of our beer, you are not just getting a great tasting pale ale, you are helping us gain our financial independence’. Whenever you hear these four individuals speak about their business you cannot help but be captivated by their enthusiasm and dedication.

Brewing and selling beer is not all they have planned though. ‘Beer is just the beginning’ as Cameron points out. The four have now expanded their range and intend to develop the business model to include other products and services. All under the one brand.

They have been working with Ben Reid and his team from MILK in Auckland. Ben and the team helped the collective create a new branding that truly reflects their values. ‘The new branding is very powerful’ says Neville.

At Beervana 2019 the new branding was unveiled and Change Maker was revealed to the world. ‘The response from the beer drinking public was really positive’, says Janie. ‘Everyone we spoke with loved it’. Change Maker now includes two additional beers brewed with love by two of New Zealand’s top breweries. Their range now includes Change Maker Pale Ale, Change Maker Pilsner and Change Maker IPA. Three life changing brews co-created with three of New Zealand,s most amazing breweries. Duncan’s, Moa and Behemoth.

Why ‘Change Maker’? Because ‘Change Maker’ says it all. Four individuals doing exactly that. Being the change they want to see in this world. Not only for themselves, but for as many others as they can. Four friends, ‘brewing better lives’.

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