Change Maker on the TV

Change Maker on the TV

In late 2018 The Independence Collective were approached by StoryMaker Productions to feature in a documentary series they were producing for TVNZ. Telling our story is one thing we are passionate about so we immediately agreed and so began the journey with StoryMaker who followed us over the course of a year documenting the highs and lows of our incredible journey to date.

Being followed around all the time by cameras is not such a bad thing. Realising that they are also recording your every word. That’s something different! You really have to mind your P’s and Q’s. We cannot speak highly enough of StoryMaker though. They have an amazing team of the most friendly folk you will ever meet.

The docuseries follows a group of remarkable individuals as they pursue their life goals. Unbreakable features a cast of twelve Kiwis with disabilities as they shoot for the moon. Their ambitions are huge but so are the obstacles.

The Independence Collective features in episodes four and five. The story of our brand from its initial inception as ‘Neville’ Pale Ale to the current Change Maker range is told.

You can follow this amazing series here…. Unbreakable



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